Motorcycle Wars



Motorcycle Wars

Harley Davidson, the classic American brand is under pressure from Triumph and cheaper imports. In the last year the company leaned on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for views and engagements.

The top videos for Harley US have as much to do with culture as they do with product, if not more.

Triumph Rolls with Insta and Facebook

Notice the chart above Harley competitor Triumph is going after Instagram as its primary social viewing platform.

Indian Motorcycles are also creating a lot of heat in the category with a solid subscriber base of 2 million people and a TV ad campaign each of the last two years, this brand is investing in the hearts and minds of Americans.

Online the views are skewing heavily female. But when you look at the spending on TV, (below) you can see that investment in TV reached 40% women. That is either a counter balance from the brand or wasted impressions, depending on how you look at it.

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