No Wonder Networks Are Participating In NewFronts, This Chart Says It All

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No Wonder Networks Are Participating In NewFronts, This Chart Says It All

Digital didn’t kill the radio star. It just compelled radio production and distribution to innovate how it marketed radio stars into new formats and platforms.

As has been well documented, the same thing goes for TV. And this time we have digital-first and social video disruption to thank.

Savvy TV networks have taken a multi-platform and (at times) digital-first approach to premium video — WarnerMedia and Viacom perhaps most prominently.

Take a look at the below global video leaderboard from Tubular Labs, the digital video measurement company. This is a look at global video leaders in the ‘Media and Entertainment’ category across Facebook, YouTube and beyond (Instagram, Twitch, Twitter).

Source: Tubular Labs global video leaderboards.

WarnerMedia, The Walt Disney Company, Viacom and Sony Pictures all crack the top 10. Although, there remains plenty of “digital-first disruptors” we always hear about.

So, while this is evidence that some global media giants have firmly cemented themselves as leading digital publishers, the turf is crowded.

And that’s a big reason why networks are participating in NewFronts, digital video’s version of the TV upfronts where media companies sell advertising in advance of the year’s programming.

Networks who commit resources to digital video marketing and original programming are up against a sea of competitors — familiar foes (fellow networks) and new players (digital natives).

And things only get more crowded when you consider the brands that have repositioned themselves as digital video publishers (e.g., Red Bull).

Macro views like this one affords a solid indication as to where the new media attention turf war will play out as we progress through 2019 and beyond: digital video.

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